Customer Care

The top goal of Hands on guitar is quality and emotion. When buying music at the website, you can enjoy the two things together with your passion. When posting products that use music purchased at Hands on guitar on Youtube, you can be assured of copyright and content disputes. The support team will quickly solve customer problems and questions. Please enter the About section of the main menu to view contact information and ask questions for Hands on guitar.

In case you buy an instrumental and you want to adjust the tone, change a different layout than the original version, Hands on guitar will support you for free.

Privacy & Safety

Hands on guitar guarantees personal information, privacy when buying music at the website. We use international reputable payment services, together with comprehensive policies for benefits and satisfaction for our customers.

Copyright Warning

Hands on guitars prohibit music reselling cases offered at the website. The intellectual copyright of music files and arrangements belongs to Hands on guitar. We will take appropriate action with copyright infringement cases.

Payment Methods

Credit / Debit Cards


Offline Payments

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